Doctoral Studies

The aim of the Doctoral Studies Program (Ph.D.) is to create high-level scientists/researchers, capable of contributing, with their original and innovative research, to the advancement of science in the fields of Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering and Marine Technology in general.


Holders of a Master’s or Integrated Master’s Degree have the right to prepare a Doctoral Thesis in the Department.


To date, seven (7) Ph.D. candidates have been selected and they are preparing their doctoral theses, as shown in the following table:



Name Start Date Title Supervisor


1 A. Arapakopoulos 18-5-20 Calculation of Lifting Flows using the Isogeometric Analysis method K. Politis/ Th. Gerostathis


2 A. Chatzigeorgiou 27-11-19 Optimal design of reinforced plates under compressive loading using nonlinear analysis A. Theodoulidis
3 A. Pilatis 28-9-20 Development of flexible substrate sensors – Application in the Marine industry D. Pagonis
4 M. Vassilopoulou 3-6-20 Study and design of a modern port using Information and Communication technologies with the aim of strengthening the Greek freight centers S. Dimitrellou
5 S. Mavroudis 21-12-20 Engine’s state monitoring: a synergy between data science and simulation models A. Chatziapostolou
6 S. Sarantidis 2021 Wave Trapping and its Application in Floating Offshore Structures for Wave Energy Recovery Th. Mazarakos
7 K. Voutzoulidis 2022 Analysis of Risks and Policies of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) I. Tigkas